About Us

We are located near a little, little town called Macy, Indiana. We live on a small 20 acre farm with lots of animals. We have puppies, pigs, chickens, cows and whatever other creatures my daughter talks me in to adopting. It all started when we received a bloodhound for a wedding present, and we fell in love with hound dogs. That was 13 years ago, and we have been raising puppies as our passion ever since. We have had dogs ever since we can both remember, but never got into the breeding until we were married. Since that time God has blessed our Family and small business of raising quality puppies for families. God has blessed us with 13 wonderful years of marriage, two beautiful girls one is 10 years old the other 4, and a 7 year old boy. James is a Police Officer, and Traci is a home maker. We all help with raising the baby pups and help our mommas deliver almost every pup. Once the momma begins her delivery we stay by her side until the last pup is out. Sometimes that can be a long long day and night. But its worth it, we love it, and the kids love it and we can not imagine doing anything but this. The smile on a families face when they come to our home to finally take their puppy home is so worth it:)

Our pups are mostly placed in families only wanting a companion pet. But over the years many have been used for search and rescue for both private individuals and Law Enforcement Agencies across the USA. One Bloodhound has even been used as an Arson dog for a Fire Department.

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